Achieve learning for all with collaborative systems of support

The challenges faced when implementing school improvement efforts are complex. Sitting at the epicentre of these efforts is ensuring that all students learn at high levels. Collaborative systems of support provide schools, leaders, and educators with the opportunity to address these challenges both practically and ethically.

Inspired by the promise of professional learning communities, response to intervention, and multi-tiered systems of support, the authors and associates of this work draw on their collective and extensive background in the field to propose a collaborative and systematic process that ensures high levels of learning for all students, without exception, can be reached.

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What Is Collaborative Systems of Support for Schools?

Collaborative systems of support has the potential to revolutionise the way we think about teaching and learning. It outlines how – when we effectively and comprehensively provide the Core Support, More Support, and Specialised Support needed for differentiated, individualised, and personalised learning – it is possible to meet the learning needs of every single student we serve in our schools, without exception.

Educators who engage in the work of collaborative systems of support learn:

  • How to design the systems needed within a school to support all teachers and students
  • How to transform schools so they can provide Core Support, More Support, and Specialised Support to all students, to ensure high levels of learning for all
  • How to move from theory to action when taking genuine collective responsibility for student learning
  • How to shift their professional learning community and response to intervention endeavours to the next level of school improvement
  • The key principles and concepts to successfully lead collaborative systems of support

Developing a collaborative system of support in your school is what is needed to ensure your PLC and RTI efforts pay off to maximise learning for students and teachers.

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