There are two ways to become a Solution Tree presenter:

  1. Publish a book with Solution Tree Press.
  2. Align your professional learning presentations with the work of one of our authors.

The application process is a multi-step process and includes at least one virtual interview, submission of a professional portfolio, content-specific requirements, and attending a training event. The application process varies depending on which author(s) you'd like to work with.

For instance, if you'd like to be a Professional Learning Communities at Work™ Associate, your school must be listed on the Evidence of Effectiveness page at before your application can be considered. You may apply to be listed and submit your application simultaneously.

Among other requirements, your application must include:

  • Print and electronic copies of your resume, curriculum vitae, and references
  • A description of your current professional development sessions
  • Handouts and tools you have developed
  • Articles and other print materials you have authored
  • Video footage of yourself in action (15–20 minutes long)
  • Evaluations of your work

If you are interested in becoming a Solution Tree presenter, please contact for more information.