Workshops (1 Day)

Teaching is a complex activity, as is coaching teachers. But coaching has proven to be one of the most promising approaches to eliciting genuine pedagogical change. Teachers who think at higher levels produce students who are higher achieving, more cooperative and better problem-solvers.

This workshop introduces the Cognitive Coaching℠ methodology, examines the interpersonal skills and tools required for effective coaching and explores ways your school can start building a coaching culture.

Cognitive Coaching℠ Seminar - Foundation (8 Days)

Cognitive Coaching℠ Seminars include eight days of training generally conducted over 18 to 24 months. Throughout the trainings, participants will discover how to coach at high levels and work with teachers to help them produce superior instruction.

Seminars are delivered as either four 2-day blocks or two 4-day blocks. Schools also have the option to receive four days of training instead of eight.

Please note: Schools are only eligible for certification if they complete the full eight-day training.

In-School Support

Our certified training associates can help you to embed the practices and philosophies of Cognitive Coaching℠ into the structures and culture of your school or system.


Bring a certified training associate to your school, conference or event for a 60-to-90-minute interactive video session based on the principles of Cognitive Coaching℠.

Meet our cognitive coaching experts

Bring our Cognitive Coaching℠ experts to your school