Increase achievement through systematic response

Response to intervention (RTI) makes it possible to provide every child with the additional time and support they need to succeed in school. By applying RTI best practices and implementing three tiers of intervention – from basic to intensive – educators can address students’ diverse needs and close achievement gaps. Our RTI at Work™ training associate will help you build on the foundation of the PLC at Work™ process by using team structures that focus on learning, collaboration and results to ensure all students reach the expected standards.

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Why Response to Intervention at Work™?

Our RTI at Work™ model builds on the foundation of the PLC at Work™ process by using team structures and a focus on learning, collaboration and results to maximise learning outcomes.

The 4 Cs of RTI at Work™

  • Collective responsibility – A shared belief that the primary responsibility of each member of the organization is to ensure high levels of learning for every student
  • Concentrated instruction – A collaborative process that focuses teacher teams on the skills and knowledge most important to the student and his or her future
  • Convergent assessment – An ongoing process of collecting targeted information to add depth and breadth to the understanding of each student’s individual needs, obstacles and points of learning leverage
  • Certain access – A systematic process that guarantees every student will receive the time and support needed to learn at high levels

The four Cs are the essential guiding principles of RTI at Work™ – without them, it is impossible for schools to ensure all learners succeed. Rely on our trusted team of experts and authors to help you deepen your RTI at Work™ knowledge, improve interventions and keep the focus on what’s really important – high levels of learning for all students.

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