High-level collaboration transforms schools to achieve high levels of learning

Leading your school through transformative collaboration

High-level collaboration is the way of the future in education. Work with our authors to learn and adopt the five critical commitments that will lead your transformation as a PLC. Commitments include: understanding what it means to be a PLC, finding the courage to lead, making a commitment to trust, shaping school structures for success and utilising tools to collaborate.

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What is transformative collaboration?

To truly transform implies we might change in structure, form, beliefs, disposition, demeanor or attitude. Often the metamorphosis of going from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is depicted as a powerful example of transformation. Relating this to collaboration is clear. It’s the strategic intent of the school to utilise collaborative efforts as the key lever for genuine cultural and structural change that directly impacts student and teacher learning. This metamorphosis of collaboration involves the change of beliefs, structures, attitudes and perceptions on schooling in a way that genuinely transforms the school's culture.

We take the view that in schools, collaboration is viewed as the process of colleagues working together to form ideas, strategies and approaches, in order to make curriculum, assessment, instruction, teaching and leadership decisions, which directly leads to student learning success.

Our experience in schools has developed the deep appreciation that collaboration is the key to transforming schools and that by becoming more collaborative, schools truly become transformative.

Our authors and in-school specialists can help you discover the true commitments leaders must make for sustained school transformation. Learn how to create conditions where teachers can work collaboratively on all matters related to learning. Strengthen your leadership abilities to consciously monitor the impact of the school’s actions on learning success. Discover how to realign school structures and cultures to be ‘learning centered’ and rigorously investigate approaches and strategies for increasing the professional dialogue of stakeholders that student learning improvement depends upon.

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