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Dr Ruby Payne’s Framework for Understanding Poverty is internationally recognised for promoting new understanding about economic reality and its effects on behaviour. With training by accredited associates, explore how you can address the complexity of serving students and families who are economically vulnerable.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty will give you new understandings and practical strategies to address the needs of your school community.

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What does A Framework for Understanding Poverty provide?

Educators who are utilising A Framework for Understanding Poverty to assist the learning for their students learn the following key points:

  • Relationships: how to build and maintain relationships of mutual respect
  • Hidden Rules: how behaviour and language can cause disconnects
  • Language Registers: how language can determine your access to opportunity
  • Cognitive Learning: abstract process and mental models
  • Voices: a collegiate tool for clear communication to preserve relationships
  • Family Structures: understanding the isolating effect of complex families on young people
  • Resource Analysis: a practical tool for understanding the resources that students have access to; providing a tool for conferencing and case management

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Check out Boys in Poverty by Ruby K. Payne and Paul D. Slocumb.

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