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Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey—creators of Unstoppable Learning—are amongst the most sought-after experts in education today. Hand-selected and trained by Dr Fisher and Dr Frey, each Unstoppable Learning presenter is an expert with incredible knowledge and firsthand experience. Partner with us to develop a plan to ensure everyone on your team understands the intricate relationships that affect teaching and learning in the classroom.

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What is Unstoppable Learning?

Unstoppable Learning is a research-based approach designed to:

  • Prepare and deliver effective lessons that improve student achievement
  • Realise the impact of Unstoppable Learning practices on daily instruction, along with key strategies teachers can use right now
  • Manage complex learning environments and support diverse learners
  • Assess students in meaningful ways that guide instruction and impact learning
  • Teach students to access complex texts through read-alouds, shared reading, close reading, and text-dependent questions
  • Cultivate results-oriented leadership to successfully drive forward the culture and climate of the school

The Unstoppable Learning model has seven essential elements of teaching and learning to create a network of interactions that helps teachers and students reach new understandings:

  • Planning Learning: Learn how to build a big-picture perspective of the goals and outcomes of learning and the skills and interests of your students into your planning process.
  • Launching Learning: Learn how to construct lessons in order to invite students into the learning process and maximise their success.
  • Consolidating Learning: Learn how to use a variety of strategies and tools that will ensure all students consolidate information in order to formalise knowledge.
  • Assessing Learning: Learn how assessment strategies can be used to enhance lesson impact and close the gap between teaching and learning.
  • Adapting Learning: Learn how to embed ongoing monitoring into daily practice and ensure instruction meets the needs of all students.
  • Managing Learning: Learn how to create strong, caring, and trusting relationships with students to facilitate learning.
  • Leading Learning: Learn how to participate fully in your school and contribute to a culture of ongoing quality learning.

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